Meet the Board

Meet the Board of Governors

Governors serve a two-year term, and represent a range of institutions. Traditionally, these include representatives of the "founding institutions," Northeastern University, Boston University, MIT, Boston College, and U Mass Boston

  • Cecelia Musselman

    Cecelia Musselman


    Northeastern University

  • Hadi Banat

    Hadi Banat


    U Mass Boston

  • Matt Parfitt

    Matt Parfitt


    Boston University

  • Cinthia Gannett

    Cinthia Gannett

    Past President

    University of New Hampshire

  • Nicole DePolo

    Nicole DePolo

    Fisher College

  • Noel Ingram

    Noel Ingram

    Boston College

  • Neal Lerner

    Neal Lerner

    Northeastern University

  • Stephen McElroy

    Stephen McElroy

    Babson College

  • Angela Muir

    Angela Muir

    Boston College

  • Jess Pauszek

    Jess Pauszek

    Boston College

  • Leslie Ann Roldan

    Leslie Ann Roldan


  • Kristen Starkowski

    Kristen Starkowski

    Harvard University

Past Presidents

  • Cinthia Gannett

    Cinthia Gannett

    University of New Hampshire

  • Josh Lederman

    Josh Lederman

    Brandeis U

  • Suzanne Lane

    Suzanne Lane


  • Chris Gallagher

    Chris Gallagher

    Northeastern U